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Business of the Year Awards Nomination Form

  1. In order to be eligible, a company must have been located and doing business in Columbus for at least two years and operate for profit. The Entrepreneur/Inventor or New Startup categories allows for the organization to be emerging. Businesses may nominate themselves and/or be nominated by individuals, units of government, community representatives and/or organizations. Multiple nominations are encouraged. All types of businesses are eligible to be nominated. Awards will be presented at the City of Columbus Business Recognition Lunch on Thursday April 19, 2018 at the Fireman’s Park Pavilion. Applications will be evaluated on the strength of recent business accomplishments and community contributions. Please review the attached awards criteria and list as many accomplishments or contributions to provide a complete picture of why your nominee deserves recognition. A company history/profile, including a narrative addressing the following points as to why this business should be selected as the 2017 Columbus Business of the Year Award or the nomination must be included with each nomination to be considered. All nominations must be received by e-mail or at Columbus City Hall by 4:00 p.m. on Friday April 6th to be considered. Nominations will be judged by an independent panel of outside economic development and business professionals.
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  3. Significant Business Accomplishments
    Items that would qualify a business include: • Plant or business expansions • New product line • Significant employment growth • Increased sales • Pollution control advances • Recycling and Green programs • Publicity • Awards • Or other similar activities that may help judges in the selection process.
  4. Significant Community Contributions
    Activities that would qualify a company may include any of the following: • Public works projects • Public service projects • Charitable contributions • Area youth development • Education programs • Other efforts to better the quality of life in your community.
  5. Business Person of the Year
    Nominees for the Business Person of the Year should be an individual who has distinguished themselves above all others in the business community by demonstrating respectful leadership, commitment to business growth and community impact.
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