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City of Columbus Large Event Emergency Plan

  1. City of Columbus Large Events Emergency Plan
    IMPORTANT: DO NOT submit this plan prior to obtaining approval from the City of Columbus. If not already accomplished, please call 920-623-5900 to start the approval process. This form will be void if submitted prior to approval. This form should be used in any event held within the City of Columbus city limits that is open to the public to attend and expects to host 200 or more people.
  2. Event Host

    1) The host shall inform the City of Columbus of the planned event at least 45 prior to the day the event is held.

    2) If an emergency occurs, the City of Columbus Public Safety Officers and event host will meet within one week for an after action report.

    3) Please fill in all areas in their entirety.

  3. Control/Authority
    1) An Event Host or designee shall be on site during the event.
  4. 2) The Event Host has the overall authority and direction of the event. It is the responsibility of the Event Host to have a plan of action should a situation arise where inclement weather or another emergency happens.
  5. 3) In situations of inclement weather or other forms of emergencies, the Event Host may consult with Columbus Emergency Management (920) 350-5818 or Columbus Police Department (920) 623-5919.
  6. 4) Any announcement in regards to storm warnings or evacuation remains the responsibility of the Event Host. Columbus Fire/Police may assist in making an announcement by using the public announcement system from an emergency vehicle, if available.
  7. Severe Weather or Reunification Plan

    The event host recognizes there are no designated tornado shelters within any Columbus parks. If patrons need to seek shelter from weather, patrons may either go to a shelter (if available) or evacuate the area. If an event occurs that causes families to separate, the shelter will be used for a reunification center. The following are shelters designated by Event Host to instruct patrons to utilize.

  8. Weather Monitoring


    1) A tornado or severe weather watch is issued when weather conditions are favorable for the development of tornadoes in and close to the watch area. A watch does not mean that the severe weather is actually occurring, only that the conditions have created a significant risk for it.

    2) A tornado or severe weather warning is an alert issued by the National Weather Service to warn an area that a tornado/severe weather may be imminent. It can be issued after either a tornado or funnel cloud has been spotted, or if there are radar indications that a tornado may be possible. When a tornado happens, the outdoor warning sirens may start going off in that area letting people know that tornado was seen or forming. If siren goes off twice, it is NOT an indication of an "ALL CLEAR." It mean means a second tornado warning has been issued.

  9. Communication Response Plan
    The communication methods to broadcast emergency situations impacting the event include:
  10. Emergency Medical Response
    Any event having high risk activities or expect high attendance are encouraged to have a first aid station with qualified providers on the event grounds.
  11. First Aid Station on site
  12. Missing Person/Lost Child Plan

    1) If a visitor reports a child is missing or child is lost, a member of event staff will report event to the Columbus Police Department at (920) 623-5919 describing the child's physical features and clothing. 2) All entrances/exits to the event will be monitored for anyone matching the child's description until child is located. 3) CPD will broadcast the description/circumstances over the radio to the officers in the field.  The message should be spread by word of mouth to the event staff. 4) Once child is found, an "ALL CLEAR" message will be distributed by CPD.

  13. Venue and Area Maps
    Attach a map of the event. Include on map Event Administrative Locations, On-Site Emergency Response Resources, Critical Systems Control Locations, Structures (tents, stages, fencing), Designated Parking Area, and Fencing/Entry Control Point for Alcohol Area
  14. Questions?
    Any questions, please direct to Columbus Emergency Management at (920) 350-5818 or Columbus Recreation at (920) 623-5936.
  15. By inputting your name in this field, you hereby understand that you are responsible for your event and emergency procedures associated with the event. In the situation, where an emergency event occurs, you agree to meet with City of Columbus officials within one week of emergency to conduct an After Action Report. Also, inputting your name into the field, you understand that the City of Columbus does not accept any liability from any emergency that occurs during this event.
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