Sign Permits

All signs within the City of Columbus, including temporary signs, require a permit. Applications for sign permits are available from the City Clerk’s office. The Building Inspector issues sign permits. 

Information on local ordinances regarding signs is available online in Chapter 114, Division 6, Section 114.132-114.142.

You can follow the process outlined below or download our "How to Obtain a Sign Permit" sheet to get started.


  1. The City Clerk’s office will provide the necessary information and applications for a sign permit. If the property is in one of the City’s Historic Districts, an application for a Certificate of Appropriateness will be provided to the applicant. 
  2. The Building Inspector receives the complete application(s) and reviews the proposed project. This review includes dimensions, type, number and materials of the proposed signs. 
  3. After review for size, type and material, and if the building site is within one of the City’s Historic District’s, the application for appropriateness will be forwarded to the Historic Landmarks and Preservation Commission (HLPC) for review of the Certificate of Appropriateness. The Commission will then return the application to the Building Inspector with an attached copy of the certificate as granted or denied. 
  4. Upon approval of the Building Inspector (and HLPC, if necessary) applicant will be notified by the building inspector. The approved permit must be paid for and picked up at City Hall and available for viewing on site. The work can begin after the permit is received. 

Applicants in the historic district are encouraged to attend the Historic Landmarks and Preservation Commission meetings if their application requires the commission’s review.