Things To Do In Columbus, WI

We are absolutely thrilled to welcome you to our beautiful city of Columbus, where small-town charm meets warm-hearted hospitality! As you explore our delightful community, you'll find that Columbus is not just a place on the map; it's an experience that will stay with you forever.

CarnivalAtNightDiscover Local History: Our city boasts a rich history, with a tapestry of stories waiting to be explored. Take a stroll down our historic downtown, visit the Farmers and Merchants Union Bank or City Hall, and learn about the history and events that shaped our beloved town.

Delight in Nature's Bounty: Nestled in the heart of Wisconsin's picturesque landscape, Columbus offers an array of outdoor activities for nature enthusiasts. Explore our scenic parks, fish and kayak along the Crawfish River, or take a leisurely bike ride on our rural trails.

Experience the Spirit of Community: Columbus prides itself on its close-knit community, and you'll feel the warmth from the moment you arrive. Engage with friendly locals at our charming shops, eateries, breweries, and community events, which celebrate the essence of togetherness.

Events and Festivities: Throughout the year, Columbus hosts a variety of exciting events that showcase our vibrant culture. From the annual Redbud Day celebration and Holiday Train to arts and music. Make sure to participate in our week-long Independence Day celebration! There's always something special happening in our town.SummerConcert

Local Culinary Delights: Indulge in delectable treats from our local eateries and family-owned restaurants. Whether you're craving farm-to-table cuisine, classic American fare, or artisanal treats, from pizza pie to authentic Thai, our dining scene has something for everybody!

Shopping with a Unique Flair: Explore our boutique stores, craft shops, and antique treasures, where you'll find one-of-a-kind souvenirs and gifts to commemorate your visit to Columbus.

Hospitality Awaits: Whether you're here for a short stay or an extended vacation, our welcoming accommodations will ensure your comfort and relaxation throughout your visit.

From the enchanting landscapes to the warm-hearted people, Columbus offers an experience that will leave you with cherished memories and a desire to return again and again.

CarShowOnce again, welcome to Columbus, Wisconsin. We hope your time here is filled with joy, discovery, and unforgettable moments.

Safe travels and happy exploring!

Get Outdoors!

Two courses, 27 holes, endless challenge. Golf is Columbus’ game. Pick between the historic and challenging Columbus Country Club and the open and modern Kestrel Ridge. Both courses are well maintained and ready to offer you a rousing round or two.

The Columbus Aquatic Center is a miniature water park complete with diving boards, water slides, and a splash pad. Wade in from a zero-depth area that gently slopes to 12 feet and gives everyone room to play.

The Crawfish River offers some peaceful paddling opportunities and a chance to see some beautiful scenery and some wildlife. Highlights of this water trail are Astico Park, gorgeous mature oak woods, and Columbus of course!

Retail Therapy

Unique shopping opportunities abound in Columbus. My Guest Room is a knick-knack oasis. The Painted Crate’s reclaimed furniture is all one-of-a-kind. Secret Garden Floral lives up to its name by featuring a gorgeous indoor display. All of these and more are waiting for you.

There's plenty of shopping to do downtown, as well as Wisconsin's largest antique mall, Columbus is a treasure hunter's paradise. The Columbus Antique Mall is 78,000 square feet with over 400 booths of vintage décor, sports memorabilia, collectibles, antique toys and more! Bring bread crumbs or you will lose yourself in the 18 treasure-filled rooms.