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Burning Ordinance Within City Limits

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Every summer, residents in the City of Columbus enjoy gathering around the backyard fire pit.  Whether it's grilling savory burgers and brats or relaxing by the campfire, the City of Columbus does allow for limited burning within city limits.

The following is an excerpt from the City of Columbus Municipal Ordinances regulating burning within city limits.

Sec. 82-38. Prohibited activities and non-collectible materials.

(d) Burning within the city limits.

  1. No combustible waste, rubbish, leaves, grass, wood, brush or other material shall be burned outdoors within the city limits.  Burn barrels are prohibited.
  2. The following exceptions are permitted:
    1. Outdoor grills, and related outdoor cooking equipment for food.
    2. Recreational fires involving outdoor fireplaces, fire pits and portable campfire places are permitted subject to the following rules:
      1. No larger than four feet in diameter.
      2. Burning of clean, solid, natural firewood or manufactured fire log material only.  No scrap lumber or building materials allowed.
      3. The fireplace cannot be used within 15 feet of any building, combustible structures (including fences, decks, porches, or patios) or lot line.
      4. The smoke cannot create a nuisance (i.e. for other properties, travel, or the health of others).
      5. A fire extinguisher, garden hose, or other method of first aid fire control must be readily available.
      6. The fireplace must be supervised at all times by a responsible adult.
      7. The fire must be completely extinguished before the fireplace is left unsupervised.
      8. Must be  a method of containing embers and sparks and supports to ensure clearance to combustibles.
      9. Do not use in winds in excess of ten miles per hour.
    3. Special burning permits for the purpose of clearing brush will be allowed upon inspection and written permit by the Fire Chief or designee.

The Columbus Fire Department asks that those practicing recreational burning within city limits to follow the burning ordinance to ensure a safe and fun experience!

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