Initial Appearance Proceedings

Upon entering the courtroom you will sign in and be screened for any weapons or other illegal items. At the designated time the Judge will enter the courtroom and introduce himself. He will explain the COurt procedures and your plea options: not guilty, guilty, and no contest.

When your name is called you must come forward and sit before the Judge. If you are pleading guilty or no contest you will be informed of the charges against you and the possible penalties. You will be asked to make a plea at this time. If you plead not guilty you will be assigned a pre-trial conference at a later date, given instructions by the clerk, and excused. If you plead guilty or no contest the Judge will ask you if you wish to make a statement before deciding your case. A decision will be made based on your statement and any previous record you may have.

If you are found guilty of the offense, payment is expected immediately. If you have extenuating circumstances and wish to request an extension of the due date you may do so at this time.