If your citation states your court date is March 18th, 2020, please note the Columbus Municipal Court WILL conduct Initial Appearance hearings as scheduled.  However, in light of the Covid-19 pandemic defendants will have the option of appearing via phone as well as in person, assuming City Hall remains open.  Adult citations will be addressed starting at 2 PM and are statutorily open to the public.  Juvenile citations will be addressed starting at 3:30 PM and are closed to the public.  Juveniles MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian.  Defendants may be granted a continuance if requested, must advise the Court in writing within 5 days of any change in address while their case is pending, and may retain an attorney at their own expense.

  • To appear via telephone simply call in to the Court at 920-623-5922 between 2 PM and 3:15 PM for adults and 3:30 to 4:15 PM for juveniles.  Have your name and citation number(s) handy.  If you receive an out-going message leave your name, address, citation number(s) and a number where you can be reached.  The Court will follow up by phone or mail. 
  • If City Hall is open and you choose to appear in person plan to arrive at the Courtroom at 105 N Dickason Blvd. in Columbus at the time shown on your citation.  You will be screened as usual. Leave any prohibited items at home.  Do not appear in person if you are not feeling well.  Hand sanitizer and precautionary health protection measures will be in place.

You will be advised of the charge(s) against you and potential penalties.  You will be asked to enter a plea.  Your choices are:

  • Not Guilty – You believe you have not violated the ordinance.  Your case will be set over for trial at a later date at which time the Municipality must prove its case by clear and convincing evidence.  Prior to trial you will be assigned a pre-trial conference with the Municipal Attorney to see if you can resolve your case satisfactory to this Court without holding a trial.  The Court Clerk will provide you paperwork, and you may go your way.
  • Guilty – You accept responsibility for your actions, or
  • No-Contest – Similar to guilty, but you’re not admitting personal liability - which could have been used against you in cases where bodily injury or property damages are claimed. 

In both Guilty and No-Contest pleas you will have the opportunity to make a statement after which the judge will review your case, and factors including your statement, the officer’s statement and any prior record, before rendering judgement.   Forfeitures will be due immediately, however you may be granted time to pay or alternate arrangements if indigent.  Payments may be made in person or on line at the Court’s website.

Questions may be directed to the City Municipal Court Clerk at 920-623-5922.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The City of Columbus Municipal Court was established by Ordinance on November 8, 2018, in order to provide the most effective local judicial process for the community.

105 N Dickason Blvd,Columbus, WI 53925 Directions

Phone: 920-623-5922 | Fax: Waiting on confirmation

The Municipal Court rules upon complaints brought before it by law enforcement agencies.

Complaints are prosecuted on behalf of the State of Wisconsin and for violations of municipal ordinance; the court handles matters involving motor vehicle and traffic law, municipal ordinances and quasi-criminal offenses such as assaults, drug offenses, thefts, retail theft, harassment, trespassing, and similar infractions. 

Drop Box located at the Clerk office.