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Wisconsin Dept. of Justice - Dose of Reality education and awareness campaign.
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Are you suffering from substance abuse or addiction or do you know someone who is?

There are resources available to help you.​​

Prevention and Response Columbia County (PARCC) is a community organization whose mission is to empower communities to recognize their role in responding to and preventing substance abuse.​

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The Columbia County Department of Health and Human Services has a dedicated coordinator’s position who can provide resources to those who are struggling with substance abuse and addiction.
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Craigs Story
The Heroin epidemic is a deadly problem in our area. It affects people and families from all backgrounds. Many people are dying in our communities from this illegal drug.

Craig's Story tells the journey of an All-American kid from DeForest who became addicted to heroin and died at the age of 20. Click on Craig's picture to the left to watch this powerful video.
​WARNING - this video contains a strong message and parental guidance is suggested.