Columbus Fire Department Members

Columbus Fire Department firefighters portrait

Front Row – Health & Safety/Training Officer Darrin Miller, Captain of Equipment Craig Dykstra, Captain of Apparatus Kevin Weisensel, Assistant Chief Mark Kenevan, Fire Chief Scott Hazeltine, Deputy Chief Bill Kluetzman, Captain of Training Jerrod Fox, Marty Powers, Lieutenant of Apparatus Ryan Rostad.

Middle Row – Kenrick Womack, Jake Bisbee, Mollie Kallas, Engineer Al Lambert, David Groh, Public Education Coordinator Sue Groh, Tom Weisensel, Lieutenant  of Training Tim Delaney, Mike Helleckson, Nate Olson.

Top Row – Justin Luck, Daryl Hoffman, Dylan Quamme, Dan Sampson, Tom Powers, Jeff Kilian, Scott Hoffman, Matt Ehrke, Lieutenant of Equipment Dan Retzlaff.

Not present for the picture – Ethan Groh, Ethan Jennings, Kyle Kilian, Brian Lamont, Chris Orange, Jeff Emerson.

Rank Last Name First Name
Fire Chief Hazeltine Scott
Deputy Chief of Apparatus & Equipment

Assistant Chief of Fire Prevention & Training

Captain of Apparatus Weisensel Kevin
Captain of Training / PIO Fox Jerrod
Captain of Equipment/MABAS Coordinator Dykstra Craig
Lieutenant of Apparatus Rostad Ryan
Lieutenant of Training Delaney Tim
Lieutenant of Equipment Retzlaff Dan
Health & Safety Officer / Training Officer Miller Darrin
Engineer Lambert Al
Administrative Assistant  Langsdorf Bonnie
Firefighter  Bisbee Jacob
Firefighter Ehrke Matt
Firefighter  Emerson Jeffery
Firefighter Groh Dave
Firefighter Groh Ethan
Firefighter, Public Education Coordinator Groh Sue
Firefighter Helleckson Mike
Firefighter Hoffman Daryl
Firefighter  Hoffman Scott
Firefighter Jennings Ethan
Firefighter Kallas Mollie
Firefighter Kilian Jeff
Firefighter  Kilian Kyle
Firefighter Lamont Brian
Firefighter Luck Justin
Firefighter Olson Nathan
Firefighter Orange Chris
Firefighter Powers Marty
Firefighter Powers Tom
Firefighter Quamme Dylan
Firefighter Sampson Dan
Firefighter Weisensel Tom
Firefighter Womack Kenrick