Garbage & Recycling

Curbside Collection

The annual bulk-item pick up from Columbia County Solid Waste and Recycling, the City’s garbage and recycling contractor, has rescheduled this year’s bulk-item pick to the week of June 22nd.

The City of Columbus has moved to automated garbage collection. You must place all garbage and recyclables in the 96 gallon carts that were distributed to all residents. For information on automated collection, click the link below. 

More Automated Collection Information

Curbside Collection Map and Schedule

The City of Columbus utilizes a vendor, Columbia County Solid Waste for weekly trash and curbside recycling pick-up for residential properties of 4 or less units. Solid waste can be placed on the tree border as early as dusk the night before scheduled pickup. Solid waste must be placed in approved containers. Recyclables will be picked up on the same day as regular trash is picked up. 

If you have any questions regarding the curbside pick-up programs please call:

  • Columbia County Solid Waste, 608-742-6651
  • The Department of Public Works: 920-623-5908

Landscape Recycling Center

The City of Columbus operates the Landscape Recycling Center (download the handy flyer with Center hours).

The Columbia County Recycling Center is open all year. You may contact them at 608-742-6651 for location and hours.

If you have any questions please call the Department of Public Works at 920-623-5908

Bulk Item Drop Off Program

Columbus Public Works will be suspending our bulk-item dumpster drop-off and curbside collection program until at least the week of May 26th.

The City of Columbus Department of Public Works (DPW) is offering a larger/bulk item drop off and curbside collection program in the City of Columbus, open to City residents only.

TV and appliance drop off will be accepted ONLY on the Saturdays of July 18, September 19, and November 21. Items can be dropped off at the Landscape Recycling Center on these dates. A $30 PER ITEM PREPAID STICKER REQUIRED prior to drop off. Prepayments can be made at City Hall, 105 N. Dickason Blvd. or the Public Works office, 229 E. SchoolStreet. 

Drop Off Process

Residents who have items eligible for drop off can bring them to the DPW office at 229 East School Street where there is a 30-yard dumpster. Payment for the items is required before dropping into the dumpster. DPW personnel will review the items prior to disposal. 

NOTE: The DPW and City of Columbus reserves the right to refuse dumping, or close the dumpster drop off program for any reason.

Bulk Item Curbside Collection

Residents who have eligible large/bulk items, and are unable to bring their items to the DPW dumpster site, can request DPW collect their item at the curb. Items eligible for collection are the same as those accepted at the drop off site.

Payment for curbside collection:  residents need to call the DPW office at 623-5908, email or stop in person at the DPW office at 229 East School Street and register their request.  DPW will then come to the stated address and review whether the items are eligible for collection. Payment arrangements must be made prior to pick up.


Payments for the drop off/curbside collection can be dropped off at the DPW office or made at Columbus City Hall, at 105 North Dickason Blvd.  Prior payment made at City Hall will be valid if a receipt for payment is shown to use the drop off service.

Eligible Drop Off/Collection Materials Accepted

$15 per item for drop off / $30 per item for curbside collection:

  • furniture (chairs, couches, mattresses, tables, desks)
  • interior household shelving
  • bicycles
  • larger children’s toys/furniture
  • any other items deemed acceptable at the discretion of DPW

Items NOT Eligible for Drop Off:

  • electronics (computers, televisions)
  • appliances (washers, dryers, oven, dishwashers, water heaters)
  • microwaves
  • LP tanks
  • chemicals, paint/stain
  • clothing
  • yard waste
  • everyday trash

DPW Drop Off Hours:  7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  Monday thru Friday      
Curbside Collection Hours:  made by appointment