Public Works

DPW Office Relocation

The Department of Public Works office has relocated from the DPW facility at 229 E. School Street to City Hall, located at 105 N. Dickason Boulevard.  Please note the new hours of 8:00am - 3:30pm. Landscaping tags, permits can be obtained at City Hall. Residents should call to set up payment and get drop-off times for bulk dumpster items.

Our Mission

The Columbus Public Works Department, working together with the citizens of Columbus, to safely and efficiently develop, maintain and improve our city’s infrastructure, natural resources and community services. 

Who We Are

The Streets/Parks/Forestry Division is responsible for all infrastructure maintenance, park maintenance, and improvements and has employees assigned to its ranks but is often augmented by temporary seasonal staff and other staff as the need arises.

The Wastewater Division is responsible for all sanitary sewer mains, lift stations, and the Wastewater Treatment Facility. 

Hillside Cemetery is owned by the City of Columbus and is operated by the Hillside Cemetery Board of Directors with maintenance and repair responsibilities being delegated to Public Works Department employees.

Note: As per changes in City policy, Columbus Public Works Department will no longer be providing salt, sand, gravel, or black top for resident’s personal use.

New Construction Permit Requirements:

For any project that constructs a new principal building on a lot, the following items will be needed:

  • Zoning Certificate of Compliance or Conditional Use Permit - This would grant approval to build the project as approved.  (114-50 or 114-28)
    1. Reviewed by Zoning Administrator
  • Building Permit- This would grant approvals to construct the project
    1. Reviewed by Building Inspector
  • Erosion Control Plan and/or Permit
    1. Reviewed by Zoning Administrator
    2. Inspected by Public Works
  • Water and Electrical Connection – Approve utility connections for water and electric service
    1.  Reviewed by Water and Light
    2. Inspected by Building Inspector
  • Driveway permit -  Approval for driveway connection to Right of Way (R.O.W.)
    1. Reviewed by Public Works
    2. Connection of private drive to R.O.W. inspected by Public Works
  • Street Opening Permit
    1. Reviewed by Public Works
    2. Inspected by Public Works
  • Sanitary Permit and Connection-  Approval to connect to sanitary sewer
    1. Reviewed by Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) operator
    2. Connection inspected by WWTP Operator or Public Works
    3. Street Opening, trench removal, trench box, and trench fill (material & compaction) inspected by Public Works.
  • Building Addresses
    1. Issued by the Clerk  
    2. Note some lots may be issued addresses at the time of subdivision plat