Historic Landmarks & Preservation Commission

Firemans Park Pavilion Window Project 1

The City of Columbus would like to thank HLPC for their generous gifts on continued improvements to the Fireman’s park Pavilion.  We are thrilled to have your support. Through their efforts, HLPC has been able to undertake much needed improvements at the Pavilion and continue to work towards keeping historic charm in our community.  You truly make the difference for Columbus, and we are extremely grateful!

HLPC is currently involved in Phase Three of the window restoration project.  The project includes installation of twelve widows on the Upper Level of the Ballroom.  Together with Thoughtful Craftsmen from Shorewood, WI., they are preserving the original beauty of the Pavilion.

Below are some photos sent to us on the windows being built to be installed in June of 2021.

**Windows were delivered this week in preparation for installation the week of May 31 - June 9th.  

The Historic Landmark Preservation Commission  has the power to designate historic structures, sites, and districts within the city limits. These designations are made subject to criteria found in local ordinances. This commission consists of 7 members serving staggering terms of 3 years each. The members are appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the council. Terms begin on May 10th of the year of appointment.

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Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.
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If you have interest in enhancing the look of your historic home or venue, CHLPC requires a review of the project to approve proposed changes.  Below are informational documents and applications to help you with your project.  Once approved, you will be awarded a Certificate of Appropriateness.  A Certificate of Appropriateness is simply a document stating that the proposed work is appropriate for the historic district and meets criteria in the local code.  


  1. Columbus Historic District Maps
  2. Organizations Here to Help
  3. Building Renovations in Downtown Historic District
  4. SAFEbuilt Building Permit Application
  5. Building, Plumbing & Electrical Permit Information
  6. Signage in Downtown Historic District
  7. Sign Permit Application
  8. How to Obtain a COA
  9. Application Certificate of Appropriateness
  10. Columbus Sign Code
  11. Columbus Historic Preservation Code


Name Term Expires
Ian Gray (Alder)
Retta Kurth 2022
Jan Ulrich 2023
Beth Altschwager - Treasurer 2023
Amy Jo Meyers City Staff
Michael Thom - Secretary 2024
Henry Elling 2024
Retta Kurth 2024
Peter Kaland 2025
Ruth Hermanson - Chair 2025