James Street Reconstruction Project

Posted on: November 8, 2017

Construction Update for the Week of Nov. 13

Over the last couple of months there is one question the city has gotten more than almost than any other, and that is: “when will the road be open?” And the less than satisfying answer has always been “soon.”  

But that changes today!

The city can now say with at least 65% certainty that James Street will be open, “very soon.”

Jokes aside, we are days away from the road being open. A few issues, namely the traffic lights at the Dix Street/James Street/Industrial Drive intersection have held up the opening of the road. Vigilant observers will know that those signals are now being installed. They are expected to be on and flashing red Friday, Nov. 10.

The final stretch of signage, striping and sod placement will also be finished at that same time.

The following day, Saturday, Nov. 11, will see crews working on the last few errant cross streets, adding pavement to connect them to the new construction.

The following week is all touch ups and project clean up. So, if by Wednesday, Nov. 15, you notice any part of the construction not complete, please reach out to the city’s Business Liaison, JT Cestkowski, by e-mailing him at jtcestkowski@columbuswi.us so that he may contact State DOT or the contractors.

But you want to know the date the road is set to open.

The answer is: there is no specific date. As soon as the work reaches a point that the street can be opened it will be. Smart money should be put on sometime in the next week to ten days. Or in other words: “very soon.”

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