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For Emergencies, Call 911
For all Other Questions,
Call: (920) 623-5919
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Contact: Chief of Police Daniel Meister

Scam Alert from the Police Chief

A blog from the Police Chief regarding violent encounters.

Welcome to the City of Columbus Police Department webpage! I hope this site provides you with useful information about who we are and what we do in the community.

A police chief has many responsibilities to both the police department and the community. Planning, budgeting, training and personnel matters are just some of the "Internal" responsibilities that I deal with. Externally, I have the overall responsibility to ensure that the police department is providing this community with quality services in an efficient and effective manner. My overall goal is improve upon the quality of life in Columbus. By working with other city departments, businesses, community organizations and the residents of Columbus, I feel this is a realistic and achievable goal. Effective communication is a critical part of achieving our mission goals. In the past year, I have taken advantage of modern communications technology in order to communicate with the community. Our Nixle community messaging system allows for us to send short, instant messages to our local subscribers. Subscription to this service is easy and free. Please see the link to Nixle’s website below.

The Columbus Police Department is now on Facebook. This social media forum is just another way that we can inform the community about who we are and what we are doing.

Of course this website itself is a valuable communications tool. I encourage you to peruse the different pages and links to learn more about us and the city as a whole.

I look forward to working with the people of Columbus in making this growing city a safe and enjoyable place to live, work, and play.

Your sincere input is welcome. You may contact me by email, phone or in person.

Daniel M. Meister
Chief of Police
City of Columbus

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Fireworks Regulations: Click here for the laws regarding fireworks.

MUNICIPAL WARRANTS (City of Columbus, WI.)

The City of Columbus Police Department holds active warrant(s) for the individuals listed on the linked page below. This list is current at the time of posting. All warrants must be verified through the City of Columbus Police Department before any individual will be taken into custody. Private citizens are not allowed to take individuals into custody on municipal warrants. Do not attempt to intervene or interfere with any individual who you believe has an active warrant. If you know the whereabouts of any of these persons, please report any information you have to the Columbus Police Department or your local law enforcement agency. If your name appears on this list and you wish to take care of your warrant, you may contact the City of Columbus Police Department by calling 920-623-5919. After business hours, calls will initially be received by the Columbia County Sheriff’s dispatch center. You may also contact the municipal court clerk at 920-484-6320.


Fine amounts for warrants may be paid in cash, cashier’s check or with a credit/debit card only. Credit/debit card payment can be made online at:, PLC# is 6569

NOTE: These warrants are issued by the Eastern Columbia County Joint Municipal Court (ECCJMC) judge. Contact information for the court:
Clerk Karen Schmitt
Eastern Columbia County Joint Municipal Court
641 S Main St (Village Hall)
PO Box 96
Fall River, WI 53932

Current list of warrants


With the recent start of the school year, there have been some questions about parking by the Columbus Middle School. Several parents and school staff members have presented questions about the parking regulations on W. School St. next to the middle school building. More specifically, I have been asked as to where parents can legally park to drop off and pick up their students.

While there are signs posted in the 200 block of W. School St. that prohibit parking during school hours, city ordinance allows for a 10 minute exception to allow for motorists to drop off or pick up students at the school.

However, there is no exception in the area by the school district entrance where the curb is painted yellow and there is also a fire hydrant. Motorists should NOT park in this area for temporary drop off or pick up.

While we understand that many parents arrive more than 10 minutes prior to school being let out for the day, we will use discretion in enforcing this ordinance. The objective here is to not have vehicles parked for extended periods of time and while left unattended. Again, the exception is intended to allow for motorist to wait for a short period of time to drop off or pick up students at the middle school. Should a motorist actually have to leave the vehicle to go inside the school, the time that the vehicle is left unattended should be brief in nature.

We appreciate everyone’s cooperation in following the rules of the road and helping to make the community a safer place.

Please note that there are several notices regarding the traffic flow in and around the school buildings. These notices are on the Columbus Police Department Facebook page:

The City of Columbus Police Department is now an active member of the Wisconsin Crime Alert Network (WCAN). Click here for additional information.

We are committed to working together with the community, in a problem-solving partnership, to prevent crime, enforce laws, and resolve conflicts, thereby improving the quality of life.

The mission of the Columbus Police Department is to maintain peace and order in the community.  We seek to accomplish this mission in a fair and consistent manner, exhibiting high ethical standards.  Our members are committed to a level of training and education that allows us to provide quality services to the citizens of Columbus.

The City of Columbus Police Department is a full-time, professional law enforcement agency committed to serving this community through a philosophy of collaboration and by utilizing a problem solving approach to maintaining law and order and enhancing the quality of life in Columbus. The department consists of 11 sworn officers, one administrative assistant and two clerical support staff. The department also oversees 8 school crossing guards.

The department is organized as follows:
Office of the Chief
Chief of Police - Daniel M. Meister

Administrative Assistant
Operational Services Bureau
Commander - Lt. Roger Witthun
Technical Services & Support Bureau
Commander - Lt. Dennis Weiner
Patrol Division
Training Division
Administrative Division
Investigations Division
School Safety Division
Uniform Patrol Shifts
Canine Section
Community Services
In Service
Specialized Training
Field Training
Records Management
Evidence Management
Information Systems
Professional Standards
Fleet Management
Equipment Management
Criminal Investigations
Case Management
Internal Investigations
School Liaison Officer
School Crossing Guards

Contact us at:

Office of the Chief - 920-623-5919

Chief of Police - Daniel M. Meister (Ext. 4200):
Administrative Assistant - Erika Kellar (Ext. 4250):

Operational Services Bureau
Commander - Lt. Roger Witthun:

Patrol Division - 920-623-5919
Lieutenant Roger Witthun (Ext. 4221):
Sergeant Terry Seely (Ext. 4224):
Officer Matt Schultz (Ext. 4222):
Officer Kelly Towne (Ext. 4223):
Officer Christopher Rathmann (Ext. 4227):
Officer Eric Nofsinger (Ext. 4228):
Officer Ben Ziegler (Ext. 4229):
Officer Kayla Damrow (Ext. 4230):

Technical Services & Support Bureau
Commander - Lt. Dennis Weiner:

Investigations Division - 920-623-6046
Lieutenant Dennis Weiner:

Administrative Division - 920-623-5919
Police Clerk Bonnie Langsdorf (Ext 4252):
Police Clerk Kimberly Huber (Ext 4253):

NOTE: After hours calls may be received by the Columbia County Sheriff’s Dispatch Center.

The Police Department continually upgrades its equipment both technological and mechanical to allow adequate responses to a wide variety of emergency and non- emergency requests for service from its citizens.

The following link will take you to the State of Wisconsin, Department of Corrections Sexual Offender Registry (SOR) website. You can select a search based on a geographic location or by name.

This is being provided as a public service. The City of Columbus, Columbus Police Department or this website cannot be responsible for the accuracy of the information provided by another organization’s website.

Wisconsin Department of Corrections
Sex Offender Registry

Community Programs
Project Reassurance
Vacation House/Vehicle Watch


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