Special notice to truckers using Hwy 16/60 in Columbus

Westbound Wisconsin Hwy 16/60 is closed to traffic at the east Columbus city limits (Crawfish River) during phase 1 of the Hwy 16/60 James Street Reconstruction project this year.  Work on Phase 1 of the project began March 6th and will last until approximately July 4th.  

Eastbound through truck traffic on Hwy 16/60 in Columbus will also be prohibited. 
Truck drivers who do not obey the "Road Closed" signs and attempt to enter the work zone are subject to being ticketed.  Moreover, truckers attempting to enter the work zone run the risk of getting stuck or turned back which will cause undue delays.

There is NOT a "local detour".  Trucks travelling through Columbus on Hwy 16/60 from should follow the official signed detour route
No trucks